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Blissful Holiday Homes in Sant Lluis

Short Stay or Long Break? Our Dates Are Flexible

Want to stay in your Sant Lluis retreat for longer than 7 days? Get in touch and ask about our 9 and 10 day stays too. We know flexibility is key and want to accommodate all of our clients’ holiday desires.

So many people come to us saying that their holiday was fabulous, only too short. We want you to get the most out of your Sant Lluis holiday and so we now offer flexible stays in our properties that include 9 or 10 days. We can also work with different arrival and departure days and will do our best to meet your limitations and your ideal holiday length.

Amazing Sant Lluis Holidays

Sant Lluis holds a huge amount of appeal to our guests, who come back again and again. Staying in one of our holiday homes puts you right in the heart of the best of what this beautiful island has to offer.

Your retreat in Sant Lluis puts you in an ideal location for exploring the island and enjoying the nearby beaches. The capital Mahon is only a few minutes north by car and is served by a regular bus.

Driving out from your Sant Lluis holiday home you could find yourself in any one of a number of lovely little hamlets, including Pou Nou, S’Ullastra and Torret. With their gorgeous little houses, fabulous views and wonderful restaurants they are real hidden gems just waiting for the unassuming tourist to discover. The supermarket in S’Ullastra is one of the best on the island – any foodie will revel in the home-grown produce and locally produced goods.

Not too far away is S’Algar, the ideal place for any water sport lover. From waterskiing to jetskiing, there are all manner of adrenaline-fuelled activities available here. Snorkelling is great fun too; the underwater reefs and fish are one of the beach’s biggest attractions.

Great Deals!

We always have great deals on offer and these don’t come with small print. Our deals are offered in some of our best rental accommodation so contact us to find out what we have.

Great deals are just that. Same service, same villa … but for a fraction of the price. It goes without saying that we provide clients who book one of our fantastic last-minute deals with the same stellar service as all of our other clients.

Sant Lluis is ideal for families and those looking for a more tranquil Menorcan experience, and with opportunities to take advantage of deals, the location becomes even more attractive.

Why not contact us and see what villas we may have on offer?

About Bartle Holidays

Bartle Holidays are committed to providing our clients with a fantastic property to rent for their Balearic holiday experience. We hand select our villas so that we can always provide quality, authenticity and value.

Our two rental options in Sant Lluis have been carefully chosen for their quality, comfort and convenience. We are meticulous when we select our properties because we have a strong belief in our commitment to excellence and service. Our villas in Sant Lluis are no exception; we are proud to present them to every potential client looking for an authentic retreat on the beautiful island of Menorca.


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