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Binisafuller Villas Offer A Fabulous Retreat

Short Stay or Long Break? Our Dates Are Flexible

Want to enjoy your holiday for longer than a week? We offer 9 and 10 day breaks in our villa in Binisafuller.

Flexibility is key when booking a holiday is concerned and we realise that many of our clients can afford to take more than a week for their long awaited break away. We offer 9 and 10 day stays in our Binisafuller villa as a popular alternative to our week-long breaks, perfect for those wanting to make the most of this stunning part of Menorca for a little longer.

About Bartle Holidays

Offering wonderful villas for rent is what we do, and we are proud to offer our clients a carefully chosen selection of villas.

We have a great selection of villas in various locations in Menorca and although we only have one villa in Binisafuller, it is one of our most popular authentic retreats. We take great pride in choosing our villas and this one certainly reflects our high standards and commitment to excellent quality.

Amazing Binisafuller Villa Holidays

Find out exactly what this little resort can offer you if you book our charming villa in Binisafuller. There is something for everyone here.

The long established settlement of Binisafuller is situated on the southeast coast of the island that runs along a rocky inlet and gives way to a beautiful natural cove.

The prefix ‘Bini’ dates back to the Moorish occupation on Menorca and means ‘belonging to the son of’, from ‘Ben’ the Arabic word for son. Many of the local towns have this prefix.

A short distance from Binisafuller is the quaint little town of San Clemente, which has lots of useful amenities, shops and restaurants. The French founded town of Sant Lluis is also close by and with a fantastic local atmosphere it boasts some lovely shops selling delicious local food products, including wonderful fresh wood fired bread and the pastries that Menorca is famous for.

If you have a car, why not take a trip out to Llucmacanes, a rather attractive little village nestled into the rural countryside. Driving through the tiny stone walled lanes to the farming village is a delight and makes you feel a million miles from the coast. Around this area there are several fantastic country walks too.

Many of our Binisafuller villa guests take a day out visiting the capital of Mahon. This wonderful Mediterranean city has a bustling centre and a charming harbour area too. Busy cafes and bars, and fabulously colourful markets line tiny winding streets that are adorned with incredible Georgian architecture. Why not enjoy a leisurely lunch in a spectacular setting above the beautiful natural harbour? There are museums to visit in the city and a whole range of shops and stylish boutiques to explore.

Looking For A Last Minute Booking? No Problem

The trials of modern living can often mean that the all-important holiday is left to the last minute. We often have last-minute bargain deals for our rental properties so feel free to inquire.

Holidays can be tough to organise, especially if you are tied up with so many other mundane chores. So why not let the team here at Bartle Holidays take the strain for you? Even if you have left it all until very late, we can help. Our holiday homes can sometimes be available at the last minute – we are more than happy to point you in the right direction.

So, last minute or not, book that holiday and let the sun-kissed beaches and warm Mediterranean climate take all the stresses of everyday life away. Unwind in the comfort of your home away from home and let the Menorcan vibe transport you to another world.


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