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Fabulous Alaior Rental Properties

Short Stay or Long Break? Our Dates Are Flexible

Fancy indulging in the comforts of your spacious Menorcan ranch for longer than a week? No problem – get in touch and see what we can offer. We provide 9 and 10-day villa rentals too.

Why limit yourself to just 7 days in your little piece of Menorcan paradise? Take a look at our 9 and 10-day villa stays and see what we have to offer. We know that holiday time is precious and you want to make the most of it, so why cut it short? Those extra few days enjoyed in your Alaior will make all the difference.

Amazing Alaior Holidays

This hillside town offers its visitors a wealth of culture and history; holidays spent here are ideal for those wanting to experience a different side of Menorca.

Exploring Alaior’s maze of medieval streets is a great way to uncover the secret of this characterful town. You can marvel at its interesting buildings and allow yourself to be seduced by its charming little town squares. The old town centre, which dates back to 1304, is set on the ancient hill of Ihalor. Perched on top is the Baroque-style Church of Santa Eulalia and the seventeenth-century Church of San Diego, famous for its incredible cloister known as ‘Pati de Sa Lluna’, the patio of the moon.

All around the town there is an assortment of working farms, most of which produce the famous local cheese. You can visit some of these and taste their products too.

If you fancy exploring the countryside further, why not enjoy a hike along the Camí de Cavalls, which circumnavigates the whole island? A walk along this ancient coastal path will see you stumbling across the island’s virgin beaches and hidden coves, perfect places to take a break and rest your legs.

Of course, the capital of Mahón and the busy resorts of Son Bou and San Jaime are not far away and offer our Alaior guests other great options for a day out.

About Bartle Holidays

We at Bartle Holidays are passionate providers of authentic rental accommodation in Menorca, the island we know like the back of our hands and love like an old friend.

If you are looking for a charming and comfortable place to stay in a sun-kissed location, then take a look at the fabulous selection of properties that Bartle Holidays has to offer. Our portfolio is made up of romantic, authentic and family-friendly rental options that have been meticulously chosen on their many merits.

We love introducing clients to Alaior and showing them a different side to the island, with its rich history and deep-rooted traditions. One of our carefully-selected Alaior properties are perfectly situated to do just that.

Great Deals!

Are you a bargain hound who can sniff out good value wherever you go? Well, take a whiff of our excellent deals on holiday homes in Alaior.

A decrease in price never means a decrease in service or in quality where Bartle are concerned. This means that you can enjoy exactly the same beautiful rural finca that you had an eye on for your next summer holiday… but for less!

The best way to find out if you can snag a top deal is to get in touch with us directly; after all, money saved on rental means more spending money to lavish on your holiday. We’re always more than happy to let you know if our rental properties are on offer.


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