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The Island’s Best Restaurants

The tiny island of Menorca turns out to be unexpectedly big on flavour. No matter when you are staying on the island, an excellent restaurant is not far away. From our many years of experience in leasing Menorca villas, we’ve come to known the best spots on the islands, beloved by locals and visitors alike.

Enjoy a meal in Menorca

Ca Na Marga, Ses Salinas

Located just one kilometre outside the idyllic fishing village of Fornells, Ca Na Marga offers an authentic Mediterranean barbecue experience. The restaurant is famous for its steaks, grilled over an oak barbecue, but also features the seafood classics of the area. Don’t head back to your villa after dinner without sampling one of Ca Na Marga’s exquisite desserts!

Smoix, Ciutadella

Tucked away down a narrow street in Ciutadella’s Old Town, Smoix may not be the easiest place to find, but many insist that it’s well worth the effort! This modern establishment features a small but diverse menu of dishes, all sourced with local ingredients. Highlights include roast suckling pig, langoustine ravioli, and white chocolate soup. Smoix can be very popular, so remember to book well in advance.

Casa Andres, Son Bou

You’re likely to find both tourists and locals dining at this Son Bou institution, which serves classic Spanish and Mediterranean fare. From paella to lamb shoulder, Casa Andres is renowned for preparing local classics beautifully. Don’t miss the lemon sorbet with gin, a nod to Menorca’s most popular fiesta beverage, pomada. Casa Andres is just a three-minute walk from the beach, perfect for an after-dinner stroll.

Staying on the Island

You’ll be surprised at the range of amenities available in Menorca – including classic Mediterranean villas. We have a number of properties all over the island, any of which make an excellent jumping-off point for all Menorca has to offer. If you’re ready to sample the flavours of Menorca, get in touch about setting up the holiday of your dreams.


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