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Secrets of Torre d’en Galmés

Visitors to Menorca are enchanted by the island’s sublime tranquillity, impossibly clear turquoise waters, and lush interior countryside. As you relax in the Mediterranean sun, you could be forgiven for thinking that Menorca is a secret paradise, an island untouched by human influence. In fact, humans have populated and prospered on this idyllic island for thousands of years, and nowhere is this more evident than in the ruins of Torre d’en Galmes.

Talyiotic Site of Torre d’en Galmés

Torre d’en Galmés and the Talaiotic Culture

During the second millennium BCE, a society called the Talaiotic culture was on the rise in the Balearic Islands of Menorca and Mallorca. The Talaiotic peoples built settlements all over the island, including Torre d’en Galmés. Archaeological research has revealed that the town developed around 1400 BCE and continued to expand until the end of Roman occupation in the Balearics during the fifth century, at which time the settlement was abandoned. Later, Muslims fleeing the Spanish Reconquista occupied and adapted the site until Muslim occupation of Menorcan ended in the thirteenth century.

Talaiots and Taulas

As you wander around this ancient site, you’ll notice several enormous stone structures. The ancient town has three talaiots, tall stone towers that probably served as watchtowers. Torre d’en Galmés also has one taula, a T-shaped stone megalith set within a horseshoe-shaped enclosure that likely served religious or astrological purposes. You’ll also notice the stony remains of defensive walls, facades of houses, and a surprisingly sophisticated water conservation system made up of underground cisterns.


If you’re staying at one of our private properties in Cala en Porter, Son Bou or near Alaior, you’re within a twenty-minute drive of this fascinating archaeological site. Visiting times during the summer are Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00 to 14:00, and from 17:00 to 20:00. Tickets are 2.40 euros.


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