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We Recommend: the Anglican Church of Santa Margarita

If you’re familiar with the religious and historical background of Spain and the Balearics, you know that this country is home to a strong Roman Catholic tradition.

Experience tranquility at the Anglican Church of Santa Margarita

By some survey estimates, Roman Catholics make up approximately 70{2e9a29907c228ed991d9aff9aa6ed23dfa488b4197c5c483fb373dfcf9ed5631} of the Spanish population. The country’s main religion is responsible for some of its most spectacular architectural sights, from the staggering cathedral at Seville, to the pilgrimage site at Santiago de Compostela, to name but a few.

For visitors to Spain and the Balearics, soaking up the local traditions is one of the main attractions. But for British visitors seeking a little solace in their home traditions, an Anglican church is a welcome sight. That’s why British travellers in Menorca will find themselves right at home at Menorca’s Church of Santa Margarita in Es Castell.


Originally a Carmelite convent, the Church of Santa Margarita, located in the eastern Menorcan town of Es Castell, is the main seat of the Anglican Church in Menorca. The convent consisted of a school, living quarters for nuns, and a public chapel. In 1880 the convent was converted into a Roman Catholic chapel and named after Santa Margarita of Antioch, a Christian saint who remained steadfast in her faith despite betrayal and torture.

In 1985, the chapel was permanently loaned to the Anglican Church of Menorca. The Anglican community was quite small at the time, and so relied on visiting chaplains from Mallorca for Communion services. It wasn’t until 1992 when the first resident chaplain arrived on the island.


Today, the Church of Santa Margarita is home base for a small but thriving community of local and visiting Anglicans. Worship takes place each Sunday at 9am and 11am, Wednesday at 11am, and Friday at 11am. Those visiting from Britain will find a welcoming congregation to make them feel at home.

Es Castell is a ten-minute drive from the capital of Mahón and twenty-five minutes or less from Bartle rental properties at Punta Prima, Binibeca, and Son Bou. Alternatively, there are also Anglican services at the Church of Sant Francesc in Ciutadella and at the community centre in Cala en Porter.


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