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Preparing for a Day at the Beach

If you’re headed here this summer, chances are the island’s beaches are at the top of your list. Despite its small size, Menorca is blessed with over 130 sandy oases – enough to satisfy even the most enthusiastic lover of sea and sun. With their rocky coves, crystal-clear waters and fine sweeping sands, the coastlines here are some of the most picturesque in the world.

Menorca Beaches for Family Holidays

Most of the beaches are completely natural, secluded spots where you’ll find few people. Though there are some designated, busier tourist areas with plenty of facilities near the more urbanised parts of the island, it’s worth it to get off the beaten track to discover your own sandy spot. However, you should expect to spend most of the day with limited or no access to facilities. In cases like this, it’s best to be prepared and pack wisely.

Before You Go

The first thing you should do before you hit the beach may sound like odd advice, but make sure you check the wind direction. If there’s a strong wind out of the north, you’ll definitely want to choose a waterfront with southern exposure – nothing ruins the day quicker than having sand blow in your face!

It also pays to do your research before you head out. Find out how accessible the beach is – is there parking or a bus stop nearby? – and what sorts of amenities you can expect. Better to realise that there are no toilets before you get there. If you have young kids, it’s worth looking into what activities and water sports are available, as well as whether there will be a lifeguard on duty.

What to Bring

Once you know what you can expect to find, the job of packing for the day becomes a lot easier. Besides your swimming costume, towel, and plenty of sun cream, you might want to pack a picnic lunch if there are no cafes in the area. Also indispensable are plastic bags, which you can use to collect rubbish or store a change of clothes. You may find that some of the shores can be quite rocky, so a pair of waterproof shoes is never a bad idea here.

Top Picks

Obviously there are far too many beaches in Menorca to list here, but our recommendations include:

Cala Galdana – Just outside of Ferreries, this protected, crescent-shaped cove offers shallow, calm waters. A very popular beach, so expect a crowd during the high season.

Cala en Tortuga – On the northeast side of the island not far from the icon Favàritx Lighthouse, Cala en Tortuga is accessible just a short walk off the Camí de Cavalls. Relatively unspoiled by tourism, the oceanfront is backed by sand dunes and wildflowers.

Cala’n Forcat – This unusual fork-shaped cove is lined with rocky cliffs, which also happen to make excellent sunbathing platforms! You’ll have a blast exploring the nooks and crannies of this sheltered spot.


Menorca’s Best Family Friendly Beaches

The island’s flourishing floral residents have long attracted admiration, but perhaps none so much as the delicate and lovely orchid.

Menorca in Bloom

The island’s flourishing floral residents have long attracted admiration, but perhaps none so much as the delicate and lovely orchid.

Menorca’s Winged Beauties

Situated at the crossroads of two continents, Menorca is uniquely positioned to enjoy a stunning range of exotic plant and animal life.