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Our Guide to Alaior

Whether you’re seeking a fiesta or a fromage, a beach or a Bronze Age megalith, you can explore it all in Menorca. Here’s why we recommend that you stay in the Alaior region.


Our Guide to Binisafuller

The ideal secluded sanctuary for nature lovers and peace seekers alike. Find out more about Binisafuller with this infographic.

Bartle Holidays’ Guide to the Wild Flowers of Menorca

Looking to uncover gorgeous wildflowers on your next Menorca holiday? Check out this infographic for some of the best beauties on the island.

Bartle Holidays’ Guide to the Migrant Birds of Menorca

Want to spot some wildlife on your Menorca holiday? This infographic from Bartle Holidays will teach you all about the migrant birds you might find.