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Modern Day Treasure Hunting: Join the Geocaching Craze

I have written blog posts before about the history of piracy on Menorca, which was a hotspot for trans-Mediterranean buccaneers ever since Ancient Greek times.

Although – thankfully! – the island is at peace and no longer witnesses any piratical activity, it is privy to a craze that harkens back to the time of swarthy adventurers and buried treasure: geocaching.

How Does it Work?

Geocaching is a real-world treasure hunt: it involves tracking down and discovering hidden containers, known as geocaches, using a GPS device. It’s very easy to create a free geocaching account and download the app on your smartphone – and then you’re ready to go treasure hunting!

Once you have uncovered a cache, you are encouraged to leave a small memento in the container and log your visit online. With over 6 million geocachers worldwide, there is a vast online community who can’t wait to share their stories of discovery with you.

When in Menorca

Currently there are over 100 geocaches hidden around the island, with a high density near the coastal resorts and along the Cami de Cavalls; wherever your villa is located on the island, there will be secret geocaches within searching distance. This gives you and your family the perfect opportunity to get out and explore the natural wonders of the island while searching for caches.

However, there are a few guidelines to be aware of when taking part, especially in Menorca:

– Remember that the whole island is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, with many cultural and natural delights. It is very important that you do not disturb any wildlife or archaeological sites while searching.

– Cache containers must not contain food or drink – if you’re thinking of leaving a memento, make sure that it will not damage the container or the rest of its contents.

– Caches must not be buried or placed – and therefore replaced – in an animal burrow or run, and they should be left without any visual sign of disturbance.

– Remember to dress appropriately for the weather conditions and terrain when you go out searching.

Happy geocaching!


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