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Menorca’s Military Museum

Menorca may be a picturesque beach holiday destination, but it has a lot more to offer than surf and sand. Passed back and forth over the centuries between the Moors, the Spanish, the British, the French, Menorca has a long and fascinating military and political history. Any visitors with an interest in history and those looking to get off the beaten path (or beach), should head over to the Museo Militar de Menorca in Es Castell.

Es Castell Military Museum in Esplanada Square

The Museum

Established in 1981, the museum is housed within the eighteenth-century barracks of Cala Corp just off the Plaça de S’Esplanada. This bright red and beautifully preserved complex was built by the British in 1771 during their second occupation of Menorca. They called the barracks Georgetown, after the king at the time, George III. The barracks also housed the military hospital and Menorca’s Coastal Regiment before it was home to exhibits.

Inside you’ll find a small but very informative display spread out over two floors. Begin with the introductory video (in English), which sets the stage nicely for the historical exhibits. Then you can have a wander through the rest of the building, viewing cannons from as far back as the sixteenth century, a huge array of guns, historical maps, photos, military documents, and optical equipment. Taken together, the exhibits chronicle the complicated military history of this island that has seen so many different occupants and conquerors.

If You Go

If you’re staying in or near Es Castell in the west of the island, you’re in the perfect spot. Renting a villa in the popular beach towns of Binibeca or Punta Prima? You’re just a twenty-minute drive away from the museum, a perfect outing for a rainy or scorching hot day.

During June, July, and August, the exhibits are open Monday-Friday from 10:00am-1:00pm as well as on the first Sunday of each month. Admission is €3.00 adults and €1.50 for pensioners. It’s is located at Esplanada, 19, Es Castell 07720, just off the square and three blocks from the scenic harbour.


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