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Menorca’s Contemporary Jewellery

On the tiny Balearic island of Menorca, the tradition of handmade jewellery has long thrived. In summer, holidaymakers flock to crafts markets to snap up Menorcan creations. In addition to the more traditional designs, cutting-edge contemporary jewellery is also building a strong presence. If you’re staying in a Menorca villa this summer, don’t miss the chance to see what some of the island’s skilled artisans are up to!

Menorca has a longstanding tradition of handmade jewellery

Mediterranean Inspiration

The gorgeous, sparkling landscape of Menorca is legendary, so it’s no surprise that the jewellery artisans are inspired by the island scenery. Artisans like Núria Deyà and Isabel Mir excel at pieces that evoke their Mediterranean surroundings. Deyà’s creations often feature spirals and curlicues reminiscent of crashing waves, and the jeweller has also created a collection that features one of Menorca’s most recognisable symbols, the thoroughbred black horses that are a mainstay at town fiestas. If you’re renting one of our Menorca villas near Ferrieries, don’t miss the chance to stop into Deyà’s workshop to see some of her pieces firsthand.

Mir’s designs also draw heavily upon Menorcan scenery. Mir makes frequent use of turquoise, which brings to mind the clear blue shallows of the island’s famous beaches. She also incorporates patterns of fish scales and feathers into her designs, a nod to Menorca’s abundant and varied wildlife.

Menorcan artisans often display their unique pieces during the summer markets

Geometric Design

While Menorcan jewellery craftsmen rely heavily on their Mediterranean surroundings for design inspiration, they also have an eye for the modern look. Santi Capó of Mahón, for example, draws on pure, clean-cut geometric shapes to influence his designs. The circle, square, and triangle are all front-and-centre in his work. In gold, silver, and palladium, Capó creates wearable contemporary sculptures inspired by the pure shapes of traditional architecture.

The craftsmanship of Menorca’s artisans is on full display during the summer markets, so make sure to browse the stalls and workshops for unique pieces you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re thinking of renting a Menorca villa with us, get in touch for a chat about how best to experience the culture of this amazing island.


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