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Menorca Day Excursions: From Macarella to Macarelleta

Diminutive in size but packed with surprises, this island is a walker’s delight. Criss-crossed with trails and paths that offer access on foot to some of the hidden gems, you get to visit those places you just can’t see from your car window. If you’re looking to get out for a little exercise or are simply curious to explore this Balearic gem, you’ll find plenty to keep you happy. One of our favourite walking excursions is the path from Cala Macarella to Cala Macarelleta, two of the most picturesque beaches. A scenic coastal trail connects these two spectacular coves, so get the most out of your beach day by visiting both!

Stunning Views in Macarella

The Beaches

Cala Macarella and Cala Macarelleta are two very popular beaches located on the south-west coast, about 3km from Cala Galdana, the nearest town. There are two car parks (one closer and with a small fee, the other a bit of a walk but free of charge), a beach bar, restaurants, toilet and rubbish facilities, and a lifeguard on duty. Note that there are no beach rentals or water activities available, so bring your own fun!

The two beaches provide some of the most iconic images of the coast, and it’s not difficult to see why. The waters here shimmer in vivid shades of turquoise and blue, and are so clear you can distinctly see the shadows that the moored boats cast upon the seabed. Dive in, open your eyes, and watch schools of fish dart beneath your feet.

The Walk

To get the most out of these two postcard-perfect beaches, explore the cliff-side trail that runs between Cala Macarella and the smaller Cala Macarelleta. If you’re starting from the former, the trail rises gradually over the cliffs over the west side of the beach (on your right if you’re facing the sea). You’ll pass by some natural caves in the cliff face as you ascend gradually before the trail slopes back down to Cala Macarelleta. There are railings along the trail almost the entire way, with total distance about one quarter of a mile. The walk is easily manageable for most ages and activity levels, though sturdy sandals or good walking shoes are recommended. You may regret attempting the hilly walk in flip flops.

Along the way, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to soak up the stunning bird’s-eye view of these two exquisite coves. Take your time along the way, and definitely don’t forget the camera.


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