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Manel Anoro’s Menorca

The Balearic Islands have been inspiring painters and sculptors for centuries. Manel Anoro is an artist whose love of vibrant colour drew him to Menorca; the diversity of colour and texture that he sees in the landscape clearly has an influence on his artistic output.

Now he splits his time between Girona in Catalonia and a simple studio on the island, where he paints many of his most successful works. 

A Love of Colour

Anoro’s childhood was a riot of colour; his mother was a dressmaker who constantly brought bright and patterned fabrics into their house. Now, his paintings – whether portraits, landscapes or nudes – are defined by his liberal use of colour. Bold blocks of indigo ocean and turquoise sky contrast with emerald and golden fields, and baked orange buildings.

As an artist who predominantly likes to paint outside, it is unsurprising that the canvas of Menorca, with its dazzling array of flora and fauna, rugged coastline and picturesque towns, have provided ample inspiration. When he isn’t painting while staying in his bungalow on the island, Anoro rears chickens, geese and lambs.

Getting Inspiration from Menorca

Anoro has painted many of Menorca’s delightful vistas, which you can see for yourself when you visit the island. For example, the Faro de Favaritx, a lighthouse on the east coast, and the Fort de Sant Filip in Es Castell both feature in his paintings. He captures the warmth and charm of towns and villages such as Mercadal and Biniserret.

Buying a print of one of his vibrant, sunny landscapes is a lovely way to preserve your memory of this beautiful island.


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