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Local Regions: Ferreries

From the crescent beach of Cala Galdana to the red-tile roofs of Ferreries, this region encompasses almost everything that Menorca is famous for.

Elegance and Sophistication in Ferreries

Our broad collection of villas in the coastal resort of Cala Galdana gives you the opportunity to explore the cultural and historical gems that the area has to offer.

For Horse Lovers 

One of the unique sights associated with the island is its famous Menorquín horses. This indigenous breed of black, slender horses and their skilled riders play a central role in many of the local fiestas throughout the year, when their traditional style of riding, known as doma menorquina, enthrals the onlooking crowds.

If you’re staying in the region around Ferreries and Cala Galdana, you won’t want to miss the Somni Horse Show at Son Martorellet Horse Farm. This restored cattle farm has been converted into a training and breeding centre for Menorquín horses. Every Tuesday and Thursday they host an incredible performance which combines magical storytelling, traditional costumes and, of course, equestrian skills that will leave you open-mouthed! Old and young alike will find it an entertaining evening.

For History Buffs

One of the most famous archaeological sites on the island, the Son Mercer de Baix settlement, is just a short drive from our villas in Cala Galdana. This ancient network of navetas, or chambered cairns, is thought to have been inhabited between 1400 BC and 1000 BC.

The settlement is small but incredibly well preserved, as well as being situated in a stunning setting looking out over wooded ravines. The nearby meadows provide grazing for the cows of the Mascaró family, who produce delicious artisan Mahón-Menorca cheese. There’s no need to look elsewhere for a thoroughly Menorcan holiday experience!


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