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Local Regions: Alaior

From the stunning beaches on the southern coast at Son Bou to the main town’s medieval architecture, Alaior is an excellent region for exploring.

The Charming Streets of Alaior

Located in the centre and south of the island, renting a property here enables you to get anywhere in around half an hour.

The Cheese Capital 

Dairy cows graze on the abundant farmland around the town of Alaior, giving it its reputation as the cheese capital of the island. The year-long maturation period gives Menorcan cheese its unique flavour; it is used in a number of traditional dishes which you should definitely sample during your holiday.

Make sure that you have a taste of this special cheese when you visit the picturesque town of Alaior. Some shops sell blocks of the delicious dairy product as souvenirs for tourists to take home with them – a rather pungent treat for the family back home!

Historical Gems

Menorca is known for its rich prehistoric past, and staying at one of our beautifully-renovated farmhouses in Alaior will get you to some of the island’s most exciting sites in minutes. Torre d’en Galmés is an extensive hillside settlement with three impressive Bronze Age megaliths, known as talaiots. Just down the road is the talaiotic site of Torralba D’En Salort, one of the island’s best-preserved sanctuaries.

Another fascinating place that resonates with an air of intriguing mystery is the Cales Coves, a prehistoric necropolis built into the cliffs on the south coast. These caves were dug out of the cliff face and served as a complex series of burial chambers until the arrival of the Romans.

Son Bou Beach

If you plan to do nothing but lie back under a parasol on a stunning sandy expanse on your holiday, the region is perfectly suited to you too. The resort of Son Bou is made up of two villages: San Jamie and Torre Soli Nou. Our holiday homes here give access to Menorca’s longest beach, which is a safe and stunning playground for children and a postcard-perfect chill-out spot for adults.


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