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Hedgehogs and Pine Martens in Menorca

One of the great delights about living in Menorca is the frequent sightings we enjoy of some unique mammals that dwell on the island. Two of my favourites are the North African hedgehog and the European Pine Marten.

A pine marten

Whenever I meet a holidaymaker here who reveals that he or she is a nature enthusiast, I jump at the chance to send them on a quest to spot the hedgehog and the pine marten.

North African Hedgehog

I know that travellers from the UK in particular have a soft spot for the hedgehogs populating their countryside so it does not surprise me that many visitors have reported with glee their sightings of the North African hedgehog while holidaying in Menorca. Like its European counterpart, this creature’s prickly exterior belies its shy, sweet nature. Smaller than the hedgehogs that you are used to seeing in your gardens at home, the North African hedgehog has more delicate features and proportionally larger ears.

If you want to catch a glimpse of one while you are staying in Menorca then you should be aware that they tend to avoid the more arid and open areas of the island. Your best bet is an early morning walk through the forests armed with your camera and a strong flask of coffee.

A North African hedgehog

Pine Marten

As rare as it is beautiful, it is my opinion that anyone lucky enough to see a European pine marten will not soon forget the experience.

An attractive little creature, the marten’s fur seems to shift between innumerable shades of red-brown, apart from its little blonde bib, which remains stubbornly in place. Like the hedgehog, the pine marten is not indigenous to the island but the absence of predators and the temperate habitat means that they too thrive here.

The marten’s short, pointed snout and inquisitive eyes make it a favourite among those lucky enough to spot it during their time on the island. I have spotted them myself both in the forested areas and in the shrubs along the coast so whether you are hiking in the woods or relaxing by the sea, you could capture a great photo.

And there’s more….

These are just two of the amazing species that can be spotted during a holiday to Menorca and if you want a chance to enhance your trip with some wildlife watching you certainly won’t lack options here.


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