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Menorca’s Best Family Friendly Beaches

The chance to spend time on a golden beach is one of the best reasons to go abroad for a summer holiday. Adults get to soak up the sun and relax, while kids can build sandcastles and explore… This of course brings me to my list of great beaches near some of the best family resorts in Menorca! Read on to learn more and get your holiday off to the sandiest start possible.

Punta Prima

Whenever I arrive at my villa, I always like to start with an easy day or two of rest before trying anything too taxing. This is exactly why I’ve opened this list with one of the best offerings on the island for families with young kids.

Punta Prima is beautiful, accessible and most importantly, safe. I always feel a little more comfortable with modest crowds and calm waters, and Punta Prima usually has both. It’s also got a decent selection of things to do, with nearby bars and restaurants just a few steps away – perfect if you don’t want to worry about cooking when you’re back at the villa.

La Vall

Also known as Cala Algaiarens, La Vall is located near some of the best resorts in Menorca on the north end. Once again it’s calm enough that you can relax, and the two bays provide enough space that it’s rarely crowded.

My favourite thing though, is the natural beauty on display here. Tranquil blue waters lap at red-tinged sand, creating a beautiful contrast of colours. It’s especially jaw-dropping as the sun goes down.

Son Bou

Now for something a little different – while the first two entries on this list focused on rest and relaxation, from the food and drink on offer at Punta Prima to La Vall’s sublime beauty, Son Bou provides a somewhat different experience, but one that’s just as worth experiencing.

Perhaps the first thing you’ll notice when you arrive here is the large resort complex. While it actually only takes up around a third of the beach, it’s big enough to be significant, with the amenities you’d expect from the best resorts in Menorca. The major upside of this, of course, is that there’s plenty available when it comes to food and drink. There are few things I love more than sipping an ice cold drink from one of the bars on a sunbed and enjoying a delicious meal afterwards!

Top Tip: If you’re the adventurous sort, take a short walk west for some less built-up landscape, or west for the fifth century ruins of the old basilica.

Of course, these are just a few of my favourite beaches. The small island’s long coast has far more to explore – especially if you’re like me and enjoy going off-the-beaten-track. Why not read around on our site to learn more about this wonderful island?


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