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Explore Menorca's Fascinating History at the Governor's Palace

A visit to Menorca’s capital Mahón (or Maó as it’s known in Catalan) gives visitors a glimpse into the island’s rich history, and nowhere is this history more evident than in the Military Governor’s Palace.

Queen Isabell II of Spain, one of the royal visitors to the Governor's House

The ‘palace’ (known locally as Ca’s General or General’s House) is actually a cluster of historic buildings, created, added to and renovated throughout the last 300 years to satisfy successive governors’ needs.


Originally built in 1685 as a private dwelling known as Casa del Rey, the building was taken over by the British Governor, Richard Kane, in 1722 when the island’s capital was moved from Ciutadella to Mahón.

Kane remodelled and extended the building when he moved in, including having the stone watchtower built so that he could receive warnings from along the coast of any enemy activity.

Since that time the edifice has been the seat for the island’s Governor. It has played host to Governors from England, France and Spain, depending of course on which country was ruling Menorca at the time.

The structure was renovated again at the beginning of the twentieth-century by architect Femenias, who added the large bow window that today looks out over Calle Isabel II.

Famous Visitors

As the governor’s residence, the mansion has played host to a range of royal visitors over the years including; Queen Isabel II in 1860 and later King Alfonso XII and Alfonso XIII.

How to Get There

For visitors staying in our villas in the resort of Binibeca or Punta Prima on Menorca’s southeast coast, Mahón is a short drive north by taxi or car.


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