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A Musical Summer in Ciutadella

Given its small size and relative isolation in the middle of the Mediterranean, Menorca isn’t always the first place that comes to mind when one thinks about world-class music. But this tiny island is bursting with art, culture, and tradition. To see Menorca’s vibrant arts scene for yourself, consider a visit to Ciutadella’s annual summer music festival.

Classical music at the Ciutadella summer music festival

The Festival

Since 1973, Ciutadella has hosted varied programmes of classical music every summer, typically in July and August. Performers range from young musicians just starting out, to well-known soloists and orchestras. In previous years, the festival has featured such artists as Spanish soprano Ainhoa Arteta, operatic baritone Juan Pons, and flautist Claudi Arimany. The Illa de Menorca Chamber Orchestra also plays at the festival each year.

The Venue

The Ciutadella summer music festival takes place in the heart of Menorca’s second-largest city and former capital. Ciutadella is an enchanting harbour city in the west of the island, known for its strikingly beautiful Old Town, picturesque port, and narrow streets dating from medieval times.

The festival’s concerts are spread out at many different locations throughout the city, but the primary venue is the cloister at the Church of El Socorro. Hearing live music inside this soaring seventeenth-century church is an experience you won’t forget!

Attending the Festival

The festival occurs annually through July and August – in the middle of Menorca’s high season for tourism. If you intend to go, you’d be wise to book your accommodation as early as you can. Nearby Cala Galdana, on the south-western coast of Menorca, is an excellent choice for travellers who want to access Ciutadella but prefer to stay in a quieter setting. Our fourteen luxury properties in Cala Galdana will give you plenty of room to spread out, as well as easy access to the beach! And if you decide you want a more urban change of pace, Ciutadella is less than thirty minutes away by car.


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