The Brilliant Bee-Eater

Menorca, with its privileged position between Europe and Africa, has long attracted bird watchers keen to witness migration patterns.

A Musical Summer in Ciutadella

To see Menorca’s vibrant arts scene for yourself, consider a visit to Ciutadella’s annual summer music festival.

Mahon’s Teatro Principal

Mahon has a sizable influence in the music world, and this is most evident in the city’s imposing opera house – the Teatro Principal.

Secrets of Torre d’en Galmés

Humans have populated and this idyllic island for thousands of years, and nowhere is this more evident than in the ruins of Torre d’en Galmes.

Menorca’s Reptiles and Amphibians

When you’re looking for wildlife in Menorca, don’t forget to look down at the ground for the island’s crawling and slithering residents.

Pride of the Island: The Menorquín Horse

The star of the typical Menorcan festival is, without a doubt, the thoroughbred black horses that ride through the streets.

The Battles of Menorca

If you hear anyone talking about the great ‘battle’ during your time on the island, they might be referring to two clashes that occurred here.

Menorca’s Monte Toro

The island’s highest point and only prominent summit, Monte Toro, rises 342 metres and is visible from almost everywhere on the island.

Explore Menorca’s Artisan Traditions with a Night Visit to a Craft Market

A bustling local market is a great way to be immersed in the culture of a country and this is certainly the case in the vibrant plazas of Menorca.

Explore Menorca’s Fascinating History at the Governor’s Palace

Nowhere is the island’s history more evident than in the Military Governor’s Palace. Check it out!