Menorca: Birthplace of Mayonnaise?

Menorca is well-known for its gin, wine, and cheese, but this tiny island may have another claim to culinary fame.

Mahón Cheese: A Slice of Menorca

Mahón cheese, as it is known, is quite possibly Menorca’s most famous export, and no trip to this island is complete without a taste.

Hedgehogs and Pine Martens in Menorca

One of the great delights about living in Menorca is the frequent sightings we enjoy of some unique mammals that dwell on the island.

Menorca on Two Wheels

Menorca has many miles of cycling paths, tracks, and roads suitable for everyone from casual riders to hard-core mountain bikers.

Menorca’s Fiesta de Sant Lluis

Summer in Menorca means glistening beaches, sparkling turquoise waters – and fiestas. Each town takes its turn to celebrate.

The Exotic Birds of Menorca

The tiny island of Menorca is home to an enormous range of wildlife thanks to its warm climate and convenient location between Europe and Africa.

The Improbable Story of Menorca’s National Day

It’s safe to say that many a country celebrates its independence on its national day, however, only few choose the day of their invasion as an occasion for this festivity.

General Franco and the Making of Menorca

Menorca remains almost completely unspoilt by the decades of mass tourism that have developed Ibiza and Mallorca, and it’s all thanks to one thing.

Menorca’s Birds of Prey

Though small in size, Menorca casts a long shadow in the bird watching world. Avian enthusiasts come from all over Europe to observe the species.

Menorca’s Most Colourful Residents

When you come to Menorca, you’ll no doubt become acquainted with its diverse wildlife. Keep an eye out for some of the flashiest feathered specimens.